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Information - where this page turns to you, the public, for assistance.

We here are still in urgent need of information. I don't want to limit what I'm looking for, but suffice to say it's anything not already on here; be it cover scans, track listings, audio samples, reviews, pictures, etc. It's all welcome, and it's all accepted gratefully. Electric Orgasm, Death Geisha 1999 and Wood Splitter are all titles I'm particularly interested in notification of.

This page has been designed by Chris Groves, and all information, requests, criticism, praise, chocolate, squirt pens, mopeds, and litigation enquiries should be directed via e-mail with thanks and/or anger.

Of course, this was not a solo project, and many people have performed in ways which deserves recognition.

Special thanks firstly to those who have provided immense assistance:

Joel Boucher, and
Alan Lee
Without these gentlemen, this page would be a mere empty shell compared to its current status.... which has some of the tasty yolk, anyway.

Thanks also to those wonderful people who have provided information, and been generally compliant with my harassment: Gregor Mordal, Takayuki Ii, James R. O'Bannon, Joel St. Germain (go Spite!), Thomas Deater, Jordan Krall, Emil Hagstrom, John McVeigh, Daniel Langdon Jones, Joel Metz, Michio Tejima, Kevin Mitchell, Jeff Jelen, Stu Marshall, David Cotner, Matt Moses, Marc Friedlander and Ulex Xane. In addition, all those sites on the links page probably provided information, and for this I am in gratitude.

Extreme thankyous also to Sharon, for enduring the hours of listening preparation I have, er, needed to construct this site.