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Violent Onsen Geisha

Violent Onsen Geisha

Bloody Butterfly 3xCD + 3"CD ZIKSBB018~020

Also known as 'Pap' due to the 'PAtent Pending' mark in the bottom of the packaging's front.

The purple CD (ZIKSBB018) is a reissue of Tenderly without the tracks 'Tenderly', 'Deja Vu' and 'Hi-Fi Dance Kingdom' and 'Second Coming' edited.

The yellow CD (ZIKSBB019) is a reissue of Wagamama Na Ofukuro without the track 'Onna Bana'.

The red CD (ZIKSBB020) is a reissue of Cry Baby Killer without the track 'Made In Yakuza'.

Bonus 3"CD is Mood Of Mods Generation collaboration with Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet.

All CDs are encased in an individual soft pouch, packaged in a silver foil-type envelope (pictured).

Limited Edition. No Export to Japan.