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Shocks! Shocks! Shocks! Remix '93

Vanilla Records/Ring Music RMCD-001

1. Introduction

2. V.O.G And History of Mortown Sound

3. Ander The Cover Night

4. Motor City Is Burning (For Chuck Norris)

5. Hibakusha For Anal Sex No. 6

6. We Will Meet Again

7. The Blue Nun

8. Anal Machine Music (Featuring Teenage Chuck D)

9. Gotta Have It

10. Check Your Chuck (Chuck Is Suck)

Vanilla cassette CD reissue series Vol. 1: VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA's 91 debut. Super violent remix with an unreleased, 20 min. bonus track. This is the mega tape which opened the gates of fame for VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA.

Dedicated to Chuck Connors (1924-1991)

Produced by Michio Teshima & Violent Onsen Geisha