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Violent Onsengeisha "Otis" [Endorphine Factory and Charnel House] (CD 64 min) in which the ever puzzling Mr. VOG momentarily sheds the noise mantle and returns with a vengence to pursue his secret ambition to take over the Tom Jones Show, and ends up securing his position as the diabolical Red Skelton of the Japanese noise scene.
Fragonard swing and all, with a halo of Vegas folk vinyl, a suit of live lizards, hot oil wrestling rubber doll background singers and a Mr. Microphone. Like recent Hanatarash, proves that noise does not need to be a byproduct of a lack of clarity or an exaggerated posture; it can even be quiet and still retain its compelling aspects, its speed, its surprise, its excess. Vegas Folk Noise. Noizak.
A number of new idioms are developed here. From swinging death-metal techno, through tone-deaf, dumb and blind singer-songwriter introspection to Lenny Kravitz retro-retardation and even beyond. Even back and forth; in all directions.
This is seriously excellent. A seriuosly funky karaoke epiphany.