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hAiR sTyLiStIcS

hAiR sTyLiStIcS rElEaSeS

stop pushing mefUtUrE hAiRsTyLe b/w no fUtUrE hAiRsTyLe 7"

Best of Hairstyle In My LifebEsT oF hAiRsTyLe iN mY lIfE 7" iMpReSsIoN oF nAsTy dReAd b/w bEsT oF hAiRsTyLe iN mY lIfE (jApAn oVeRsEaS)

illusory, no?tRaNsOnIc aRcHiVeS CD (tAgOmAgO?)

hAiR sTyLiStIcS cOmPiLaTiOn cD & rEmIx aPpEaRaNcEs

Battle Royal MixesbAtTlE rOyAl mIxEs 5. cIrCuS - aFrO gRoOvE mIx

Emigration Disco ClassicseMiGrAtIoN dIsCo cLaSsIcS - tHe aLbUm 7. sExPeRiMeNtAl wEeKeNdEr (eMiGrAtIoN)

FujifUjI x. mR dO tHe rIgHt tHiNg (fUjI rEkOdSu)

In The 90s: Fantastic Explosion Remix AlbumiN tHe 90s: fAnTaStIc eXpLoSiOn rEmIx aLbUm 11.Hixon & Carter - Hair Stylistics Mix (tRaNsOnIc)

Japanese Independent MusicjApAnEsE iNdEpEnDeNt mUsIc bOoK aNd cOmPiLaTiOn cD 8. iMpReSsIoN oF nAsTy dReAd (sOnOrE)

The Christmas Album - yes it's on Sony!tHe cHrIsTmAs aLbUm 5. sLeIgH rIdE (sOnY)

Transonic 6tRaNsOnIc 6 - tHe sOuNd oF fEeLiNg 7. iT's a sHoPpInG wOrLd (tRaNsOnIc)