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Psychedelic Hardcore Blues Psychedelic Hardcore Blues:

1. Rob Is Dead (excerpt - 2:04)
2. Adult Mood Deluxe (excerpt - 0:48)
6. Deja Vu/7. Impressions of Las Vegas (excerpt - 1:32)
9. Das Imamura (excerpt - 1:06)
Come Again II (CD):
9. Violent Onsen Geisha - Fuck Off RRRecords, Bye Bye Noise Music (excerpt)
Cataclistic Fracture (CD):
29. Violent Onsen Geisha - Flaming Guitar From Hell (complete track! - 1:04)
Emigration Disco Classics - The Album (CD)
7. Hair Stylistics - Sexperimental Weekender (excerpt - 1:09)